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As opposed to hiring an attorney and paying the legal fees that come along with filing liens and foreclosures and waiting the potential three years until the bank forecloses on a delinquent unit to recoup a small percentage of the past due assessments or even taking title to a delinquent unit and "playing Landlord" hoping to recoup your losses prior to the bank taking the unit back, hire Foreclosure Solutions. Essentially Foreclosure Solutions purchases the right to collect delinquent assessments from the Association and provides the Association instant cash in hand for the rights to collect on those particular accounts. Once an agreement is in place, Foreclosure Solutions aggressively pursues the collection of delinquent assessments from either the unit owner, a third party buyer and/or the bank that holds the principal mortgage.

Through our extensive knowledge of Florida Statutes 718, 719 and 720, collection laws in the state of Florida, our vast experience in the Real Estate Industry and our professional working relationship with some of the most predominant condominium and homeowner association specialized attorneys throughout the State, Foreclosure Solutions has been extremely successful in collecting past due assessments for our clients. More often than not, our staff has been able to collect assessments far beyond the twelve months or 1% of the principal mortgage as dictated by Florida Statute.

Eliminating the waiting game and generating immediate revenue for the Association allows your Board of Directors the breathing room necessary to pay vendors on time, avoiding establishing a "bad reputation" amongst service providers; assure that common utilities are being paid without experiencing service interruptions or incurring penalty fees and finally allows your community to make necessary repairs and desired improvements; helping your community to flourish and restore the true sense of community association living at its finest.

Benefits: Foreclosure Solutions is your key partner.

Reasons why Foreclosure Solutions is a good choice to address Condo Association Assessment issues and rely on for your financial needs in the time of recession. HB Foreclosure Solutions provides:

•Immediate Financial Relief

•Stress free delinquent assessment recovery

•Tools necessary to sustain continuity and a desirable condominium association

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